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Enhance your Unique, Natural beauty with Botanical Beauty Rituals

Did you know that caring for your skin is one of the greatest acts of self-love?

Whether it’s through a moment of self-care or a daily beauty ritual, caring for your skin helps to amplify the energy of love throughout your entire being. In fact, cultivating inner and outer beauty is one of the guiding principles of holistic beauty.

When you take the time to understand your skin’s behavior and its unique needs, you’ll be able to feed your skin with the ingredients it’s been craving. You’ll feel good about what you’re putting on your skin. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to keep your skin glowing – inside and out!

So if you dream of waking up each morning with radiant skin or want to learn how to support healthy aging, I invite you to join the Holistic Beauty Collective. In this plant-based community, you’ll have opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with me and other holistic beauties!

Don’t wait because there’s no better time to invest in your skin AND in yourself. So come join me in the Holistic Beauty Collective, where you’ll learn how to truly get intimate with your skin while deepening your connection with your heart!

Enhance your unique & natural beauty

Are you wondering how to take better care of your skin?

Are you tired of spending money on expensive products that just don’t seem to work?

Are you looking to understand your skin more in a way that supports graceful aging?

Would you like to learn how to make skin care products – for yourself, family, friends, or clients?

See how you can enhance your unique & natural beauty!

INVEST in yourself with my


You'll learn all about your skin, why behaves the way it does, and what it needs to glow naturally!

In this six week class, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to:
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Enhance your unique & natural BEAUTY WITH


This online class is PERFECT for you
if you want to...

Take charge of your own health and beauty

Feel good about what you’re putting on your skin

Save time by simplifying your skincare routine without compromising results
Save money by using ingredients from your home garden and kitchen

Support healthy aging by applying my simple & practical skincare tips

Illuminate your skin with ingredients that are accessible and affordable

Improve skin and overall vitality by avoiding toxic and synthetic ingredients 

Deepen your relationship with medicinal plants and their healing powers

Be confident knowing you’re able to create your own skincare products

Elevate your self-care practices by indulging in your personal creations

Delight your loved ones by gifting them with unique skincare products you’ve created


I used to spend a lot of money on skincare products that didn’t deliver results because the ingredients weren’t right for my skin. Plus, I didn’t like that I was using synthetic ingredients (commonly found in commercial brands). Once I learned about the science behind my skin’s behavior, it became easy to understand its needs.

Thankfully, my former life as a biochemist has given me a really good understanding of skin physiology – how our skin works and behaves, why it freaks out (hello acne!), and what it needs to get glowing from the inside out!

I’ve dabbled in making natural skincare products since 2012, long before I trained to become a Clinical Herbalist. It was during this three year training program where I deepened my passion and skills in botanical product formulation. And this ultimately led me to launch my plant-based skincare line, Free Flow Botanicals, in 2017.

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YOu'll also get these amazing bonuses!

Getting started with Essential Oils

Get instant access to my beginner’s guide to using essential oils safely & effectively. Plus, a dilution chart that makes measuring out essential oils super easy!

HOw & Where to purchase ingredients

 A curated list of local & online shops for all your botanical, ingredients, and supplies needs. Safe yourself the time & hassle of finding ethnical & affordable companies to support!

Dry & dehydrated skin TIPS

Get my best holistic beauty tips  for dry skin types and dehydrated skin conditions. This guide comes with a bonus video!

My Ultimate Guide to skin types

Print out this comprehensive botanical beauty reference guide that’s got daily, weekly, and monthly skincare protocols and recommendations!

Savings on skincare Products & beauty tools

 As a student, you’ll receive 20% off all Free Flow Botanicals high vibrational skincare products & gemstone beauty tools    


what past students have to say...

"I learned so much from Patty's class. Her presentation was warm, educational, and interesting! I came away with a lot of knowledge and tools to take care of myself and my skin. I was inspired to choose and use skincare products more thoughtfully."
Aiko K.
This class ignited my love for natural beauty and inspired me to bring that into my own practice. I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking care of their own skin to estheticians who want to play with clean beauty recipes in their own treatment room. It was fun taking the class with people who have the same passion for it and inspires me to be more aware of daily self-care.
Christina L.
"I enjoyed Patty's class immensely and feel so empowered to make beautiful and sustainable self care products at home."

Robin F.
“This class was informative and fun! Great for learning how to make your own beauty products. No more expensive facial masks for me!”
Diane C.
"Patty's class completely exceeded my already high expectations. I have already given away botanical beauty products as Bat Mitzvah and Mother’s Day presents and they have been very enthusiastically received."
Sharon J.
Worry-free transaction.
certified safe.

100% Money Back. No-Risk.

If you don't like our products over the next 14 days, then we will gladly refund your money.
No questions asked!


Most frequently asked questions & answers
You can get started right away! As soon as you complete registration, you will be taken directly to the course.
Not at all. This course is designed to be beginner friendly and is for anyone, regardless of prior exposure to herbalism, skincare, or holistic beauty concept. The contents of this course serve a wide audience including herbalists, estheticians, homemakers, working professionals…really anyone who’s interested in learning about botanicals and their incredible benefits & uses!
This is a self-paced course so the amount of time you devote to this course is entirely up to you! However, setting aside 3-4 hours each week to watch lesson videos and complete the worksheets will allow you to complete the course in about six weeks.
You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, for as long as Botanical Beauty & Skincare continues to run, and guaranteed access for at least one year after you enroll. This allows plenty of time to review or re-watch lessons as much as you’d like! You’ll also get access to any updates to course materials, including lesson videos, worksheets, guides, and checklists.
Depending on how much time you’re able to commit to the course, you could complete it in six weeks. And if not, that’s ok because you’ll have guaranteed access to it for at least one year after you enroll.
There is no guarantee that this course will help you achieve a desired outcome. However, upon completing each of the modules, lessons, and worksheets in order, you will have gained a solid understanding of: skin physiology, botanical & natural ingredients, how to create a variety of plant-based skincare products, and how to adapt your recipes using ingredients that are beneficial to specific skin needs.
In order to make skincare products in this course, you will need access to botanical ingredients, common kitchen pantry items (e.g. sugar, salt, honey, etc), and basic kitchen equipment including but not limited to: bottles or jars, mixing bowls, measuring cups & spoons, a mesh strainer or cheesecloth. You’ll be provided with a list of where to buy botanical ingredients as well as supplies. Note that many of the botanicals covered in this course can be grown at home.
We stand proudly by our courses and offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your course, simply email us within 14 days of your purchase at Please provide your name and email address used to register, and a brief statement of why you’re requesting a refund. Your refund will be issued within 7-10 business days of your written request.
For help with logging in or technical support, you may email us directly at

About Patty

Patty has worked in Healthcare Innovation and holds a graduate degree in Nutritional Biochemistry. After researching chronic diseases, including Type 2 Diabetes, she became interested in the power of food and plant-based medicine. Patty has taught herbalism classes and holistic beauty workshops throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and has been creating natural skincare products since 2012. Her self-care practices include meditation, yoga, hiking, baking, traveling, and relaxing at her favorite Korean day spa. Based in Oakland, CA, she recently relocated to Santa Cruz, CA, with her partner Jim and dog Lady.